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Our Story

It all started . . .

Hugh Murray attended a conference in California where Robin McKenzie was speaking. Mr. McKenzie actually treated patients in front of the attendees, putting his words into action. His concept of assessment, movement, and symptom reduction was eye opening.

Our Mission

More efficient therapy to reach patients' goals in the best way possible.

Patients come first - we listen to what you have to say!

We treat you with respect.

"The best therapy is the therapy that gets you back to living your life."


We assess each patient individually, learning your symptom behaviors, response to activity, and movements. Then through a scientific method, we move you to problem solve which direction of movement reduces your symptoms. Education is a very important part of what we do. When you attend CPT, you'll be given the individualized care you deserve. You won't find that you're placed on equipment or modalities and left to passive techniques that may or may not work.


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